The Mobologist's Story: Wanted by the most powerful crime family, only her church family could save her now

  • ISBN-13: 9781521333563
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In the dark world of organized crime, its families sometimes have to choose sides. And so it was for the author, Elaine Bonavita, growing up in the shadow of a dark family secret while never aware she would one day, herself, have to choose which “family” to serve if she wanted to stay alive. Growing up Catholic, all she ever wanted was to serve the Lord, become a nun and live in His Church family. But that was before she learned the dark secret of her own family, whose patriarchs, her grandfather and father, had long ago chosen to serve another “family,” known today as the Genovese family, reputed to be the most successful crime family in the country. Too young to get out of the life she stumbles into while living in the Little Italy neighborhood in the South End of Springfield, the now teenage Mafia child gets drawn into the dark world of mob murders while associating with wise guys, made members of the Mafia, and even their mobster boss “Skyball” Scibelli himself. Before she knows it, she is pregnant with the out-of-wedlock son of a boxer turned mafia bodyguard named “Big Al.” It’s only when Skyball’s Springfield crew plots the murder of a witness to his son-in-law’s mob murder in Agawam, that the author’s father gets involved, doing the unthinkable when he learns the witness is his own daughter. Instead of trying to get her into a witness protection program, her ever loyal mafia father brokers a deal with the Springfield mob’s boss, exiling her to Texas in exchange for her silence. Unable to keep her word to stay away, she yearns to go home and returns to Agawam only to find herself face to face with the very same crime family she had run away from just six years earlier. Instead of running, she chooses to stand and fight them by winning a seat on the Town Council at the side of the not-so-known “Godfather” of the Agawam faction. It’s what her father secretly does to keep her safe again, that backfires, bringing her into a world of bribes, threats and murder in a town held hostage: Agawam, Massachusetts. Only her new Mormon church family can save her.

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