The Great Employee Handbook

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The Most Valuable On-the-Job Skills Come from Experience But You Don t Have to Work a Lifetime to Master Them.Often, it s the day-to-day issues, those not found in any training manual, that keep us from being our best at work. We ve all looked back on challenges we ve faced whether they involved a boss, a coworker, or a customer and thought, If I knew then what I know now, I would have handled that in a completely different way!The old saying Experience is the best teacher has probably never been more true than in the workplace. But what if you could learn those important workplace lessons without having to go through the pain yourself? That s the idea behind The Great Employee Handbook.Wall Street Journal bestselling author Quint Studer has pulled together the best insights gained from working with thousands of employees during his career. The high-impact tips he shares will help you more productively handle those situations every employee finds difficult (and get them right the first time).You ll learn how to: Put your best foot forward in the first 90 days Build an emotional bank account with coworkers (It s the best way to get quick forgiveness when you mess up!) Discuss your own development plan without looking self-promotional Have difficult conversations with your boss Solve problems and resolve conflicts without getting the boss involved Alleviate customer anxiety so they ll buy from you (and keep coming back) And much, much moreStuder has created a valuable tool for companies in every industry. We all know a good day at work means a good day in our personal lives, too. That positivity is what employees and the leaders who count on them really want.

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