How to Build a Tiny Portable House - With Plans and Instructions

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Table of Contents Chapter One: Introduction to Tiny Houses The Tiny House Movement Chapter Two: Building Codes and Zoning Requirements Building Codes Zoning Codes Chapter Three: Buying and Registering a Trailer Buying a Trailer A. Bumper Pull: B. Gooseneck Trailer: Chapter Four: Tools and Materials required Tools and Materials Chapter Five: Foundation Details Chapter Six: Flooring Framing Subfloor framing: Subfloor Sheathing Steps to sheath a subfloor: Chapter Seven: Walls Framing Tips for wall framing: Squaring the wall: Chapter Eight: Roofs Framing Types of Roofs for Tiny Homes: Determining the Rafter Length Using Pythagoras Theorem: Finding Rafter Length: Finding Rafter Tail Length: Chalking Lines Duplication Method Steps for Chalking Lines Duplication Method: Steps for Roof Framing Framing a Gable Roof: Roof Sheathing Sheathing Mistakes : Chapter Nine: Doors and Windows Door Installation Window Installation Steps: Chapter Ten: A note on Wiring and Plumbing Wiring Plumbing Recycling of Human waste Chapter Eleven: Tips Helpful Tips Pointers for decluttering your wardrobe: Plans House #1: 325 ft2 House #2: 160 ft2 House #3: 208 ft2 House #4: 240 ft2 House #5: 290 ft2 House #6: 325 ft2 House #7: 435 ft2 House #8: 435 ft2 House #9: 520 ft2 House #10: 621 ft2 Portable House #1 Portable House #2 Resource Guide Publisher

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