Successfully Writing the GED Extended Response

  • ISBN-13: 9780692492130
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The Extended Response Does Not Need to be Hard! Successfully Writing the GED Extended Response is a self-help book designed to help people pass, what some say, is the toughest part of the GED. According to statistics from the US Census and Dropout/Literacy Research, unemployment and poverty directly relate to high school dropout numbers and low literacy. The skills necessary to pass the Extended Response essay can also be frustrating to learn. People wanting to get their GED do not want to read long, confusing textbooks -- they want something that explains the process in plain, simple terms. That is what this book does. When people understand the process, then writing the extended response makes sense. I have used my method with GED students for a year, and it has helped them pass the essay. No other resource in the GED world presents this process in the manner that I do here. I have taught English, reading and math for the past 37 years in multiple state school systems, teaching adult education as well as high school, junior high, and Youth in Custody. This method is compact and relevant, and it works!

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