Moon Shimmers (Otherworld) (Volume 19)

  • ISBN-13: 9781545443569
  • Author: Yasmine Galenorn
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publication date: 2017-04-17
  • Edition: 1st
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 342
  • $26.83

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We're the D'Artigo sisters: savvy half-human, half-Fae operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. My sister Delilah is a two-faced werecat and a Death Maiden. Menolly is a vampire married to a gorgeous werepuma and a vampire prince. And me? I'm Camille, a Moon Witch married to three gorgeous husbands, and I'm about to ascend to the throne of Dusk & Twilight. But the path to the throne lies through a labyrinth of dangers, which I must face alone...Before I can fulfill my destiny to become the Queen of Dusk & Twilight, I must seek out the Keraastar Diamond. But to find the magical gem and take control over the Keraastar Knights, I must venture back to Otherworld, deep into the treacherous Tygerian Mountains. Once there, I face a magical trial by fire. If I fail, the chance to stop Shadow Wing will fade with me. If I succeed, my life will forever change. And I'm not certain which prospect frightens me the most.Reading Order:1. Witchling.....2. Changeling.....3. Darkling.....4.Dragon Wytch.....5. Night Huntress.....6. Demon Mistress.....7. BoneMagic.....8. Harvest Hunting.....9. Blood Wyne.....10. CourtingDarkness.....11. Shaded Vision.....12. Shadow Rising.....13. HauntedMoon.....14. Autumn Whispers.....15. Crimson Veil.....16. PriestessDreaming.....17. Panther Prowling.....18. Darkness Raging.....19. MoonShimmersShort Indie Collections:Men of Otherworld 1Men of Otherworld 2EarthboundMoonsweptTales From Otherworld

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