Change Your Life in 7 Days (I Can Make You)

  • ISBN-13: 9781402765735
  • Author: Paul McKenna
  • Publisher: Sterling
  • Publication date: 2016-05-05
  • Edition: Har/Com/Dv
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 288
  • $11.77
  • Save $11

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At last, one of the biggest-selling self-help books in history is coming to AmericaNow you can discover the easy-to-learn strategies of super-achievers to energize and improve your life in just 7 days! Paul McKenna, PhD, made a remarkable study of highly successful and effective people from around the world, and discovered that success and happiness are not accidents that happen to some people and not others.  They are created by specific ways of thinking and acting, and can be mastered in just 7 days. He has distilled these proven techniques into an amazing life makeover that will help you to think and act more creatively, positively, and confidently. -Would you like to make more money and be more successful?-Would you like to have more energy and feel happier every day?-Would you like to start living the life of your dreams? The book comes with a hypnosis CD that will train your brain to be regularly in a peak state of performance, and a DVD with 7 power-coaching sessions from Paul. Now you have Paul McKenna on tap 24 hours a day, and in a week you will learn how to master your emotions, become more focused on success, and become the person you truly want to be!

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