Beginning Sous Vide: Low Temperature Recipes and Techniques for Getting Started at Home

  • ISBN-13: 9781456336974
  • $37.42

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Sous vide cooking is finally hitting the mainstream thanks to several popular chefs and TV shows. It's even easy to do at home! We will teach you how sous vide works and what you need to know to get started using it at home. We cover the whole spectrum of sous vide equipment from $1,000 immersion circulators to using ziploc bags for free on your stove. We also include over 100 of our favorite sous vide recipes to get you started sous viding right away! This Book Includes The history of and science behind sous vide cooking More than 100 recipes for beef, pork, fish, vegetables, chicken, duck, lamb, and turkey Over 400 sous vide time and temperature combinations across 175 cuts of meat and types of fish and vegetables Comparisons of common sous vide setups including our recommendation for the "Beginning Home Setup", which only costs a few hundred dollars The basics of sous vide safety Over 30 of our best tips and tricks for successful sous vide cooking Temperature conversion charts to easily move between Celsius and Fahrenheit

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