Beyond Basic Stained Glass Making: Techniques and Tools to Expand Your Abilities (How To Basics)

  • ISBN-13: 9780811733632
  • $13.02

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Creative techniques to go beyond the fundamentals Includes an illustrated review of basic skills and tools plus how to use new tools and new ways to use basic tools Step-by-step instructions for making three intermediate-level projects Build on the basic stained glass-making skills you already possess. With straightforward text and a wealth of color photos, this book will show you how to master more advanced stained glass-making techniques: making complex cuts with a table saw and repeating cuts with a jig system, making and installing hinges, foiling glass jewels and nuggets, creating and fastening mosaic pieces, using a lamp jig, applying patinas to lead and zinc, installing reinforcing wire properly--all skills that will allow you to expand your creative horizons. It also offers step-by-step instructions for creating a tabletop box, a large hanging lampshade, and a decorative mosaic--along with a host of expert advice on how to improve your stained glass-making skills.

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