Botanica Erotica: Arousing Body, Mind, and Spirit

  • ISBN-13: 9780892817900
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A playful and provocative guide to the foods, herbs, and behaviors that arouse us• Provides a practical guide to the history and use of the world's classic aphrodisiacs• Presents easy recipes for food, lotions, and potions designed to please the senses, and includes chapters on erotic massage, touch, and belly dance• Lavishly illustrated with contemporary and classical artworkBotanica Erotica provides readers with the tools and techniques they need for a lifelong exploration of pleasure. More than a simple list of aphrodisiacs, Botanica Erotica offers suggestions to arouse all the senses and to make every aspect of life an encounter with Eros.Beginning with a practical guide to the history and use of the world's classic aphrodisiacs, Diana De Luca moves on to present a feast of "Libidinous Libations" and "Voluptuous Vittles" that are easy to make and outrageous to eat, designed to please the palate and get the juices flowing. "The Lascivious Lavage" helps you create the perfect lotions and potions for romantic baths, and later chapters reveal how to stimulate the physical body through erotic massage, touch, and belly dance. This celebration of pleasure is ideal for anyone who loves to live a fully embodied life.

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