Brave Hearts: Extraordinary Stories of Pride, Pain and Courage

  • ISBN-13: 9780578066332
  • $27.74

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Brave Hearts takes you inside the hearts and minds of fifteen police officers as they go about their difficult task of protecting the people from harm. Whether they are gathering intelligence to stop another terrorist attack, crawling through the rubble of the World Trade Center towers looking desperately for survivors, working undercover to get illegal weapons and drugs off the streets, tracking a serial murderer, ending a gun battle, or mediating a domestic dispute, the men and women in these pages give new life to the meaning of heroic. The author s unusual access to the people who work in this insular and isolated profession enables the reader to take a unique voyage into the trenches of the law enforcement world. No one in this book escapes the common psychological and physical toll the job demands from people who routinely commit breathtaking acts of bravery to apprehend a criminal or protect an innocent person from crime. Ultimately, these stories are about people who have chosen a life of service. They have devoted themselves to something larger than themselves, to an idea that they have to do something that gives back with their lives. Lives of meaning and commitment. And despite the constant exposure to life s dark side, the injuries, time away from their families, vagaries of shift work, and so on, they all view that law enforcement work was a privilege and a job they were lucky to have. Read Brave hearts from beginning to end. You will never look at police officers the same way again.

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