Case Studies in Critical Care Nursing: A Guide for Application and Review, 3e (Melander, Case Studies in Critical Care Nursing)

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Case Studies in Critical Care Nursing contains detailed and up-to-date case studies on critical care conditions with accompanying questions and answers for applied learning of the practice of critical care nursing. The organization of the book has been changed to mirror that of Thelan's Critical Care Nursing, 4th Edition; the chapters in this 3rd edition are grouped according to body systems. This book allows the reader to hone vital skills necessary in a critical care environment, such as assessment, critical thinking, decision-making, and judgment. Additionally, this text provides an excellent resource to those practitioners who want to update themselves on current critical care practice prior to taking the CCRN examination.Each chapter contains the case presentation, questions and answers, and references.Each case study includes patient assessment and history of the disorder, laboratory observations and results, and pharmacological options for the patient.Comprehensive discussion and evaluation of the critical thinking questions follow each case study.Internet resources are included throughout the case studies to further the user's access to information on a variety of disorders.Contains an all-inclusive glossary of key critical care abbreviations.* Five NEW case studies have been added to this edition (33 total): Cardiac Trauma and Cardiac Tamponade; Hypertensive Crisis/Emergency; Drug Overdose; Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation; and End of Life/Organ Donation.* The critical thinking questions that follow each case study will now begin on a new page, and include space within the book for users to write in their answers, making the book more of workbook.* The trim size has been increased to 8 ½ x 11 inches to accommodate the need for additional space.* Updated real-life case studies reflect the evolving treatment modalities and current pharmacology in the critical care environment.* Each chapter contains the case presentation, Q&A's, and references.* Comprehensive discussion and evaluation of the critical thinking questions follow each case study.

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