Chill the F*ck Out: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book  (Irreverent Book Series) (Volume 2)

Chill the F*ck Out: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book (Irreverent Book Series) (Volume 2)

  • ISBN-13: 9781530103942
  • $11.57

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From the creator of the #1 bestseller Calm the F*ck Down comes Chill the F*ck Out, an Irreverent Adult Coloring Book The perfect way to tickle your snarky bone. Let yourself or the one you love chill out, de-stress and unwind. Blow off steam and express how you really feel with these humorous, sassy and out-of-line coloring pages. Color the things you can’t say. Always sassy, often snarky, Chill the F*ck Out is ready for you to enjoy the shit out of it! 28 new Single-Sided images 2 color test pages Each single-sided page ranges from moderate to detailed in complexity. You choose what you want to color based on your mood. A variety of beautiful designs, such as people, animals, abstract and flowers are included. These beautiful images include abstract designs, animals and people, each with its own subversive saying like "It's been lovely but I have to scream now", "As If", "That's MS. Bitch to you", and more. Contains Adult Language. What others are saying about Calm the F*ck Down, an Irreverent Adult Coloring Book by Sasha O’Hara "This book will do exactly as it says. It will help you calm the "f" down. The book is awesome. It has one image per page, not front and back, so no worries about markers bleeding thru and ruining another image. I love that there are a couple of pages at the front to test your colors on. The book has awesome images and sayings. The images vary significantly so there really is something for everyone. I've included some sample images from the book to get an idea of what is inside. Amazing book for anyone who loves to color at a super reasonable price. Great gift idea. I'm buying a couple more for friends now that I've seen the inside..." - Melissa S. "I have had so much fun coloring your designs! They keep me somewhat sane when I am not feeling well. Thank you so much for putting out this book!" - Trish H. "I have so many coloring books that I've collected for the last 20 years; as a potty-mouthed b*tch, though, this is my current favorite. Can't wait for the next!" - Debbie M. "This is by far my favorite coloring book and I have tons!! Just the perfect amount of sweary meets funny. Some of the sweary books are disgusting. This one is perfect!!" -Gavin S. "I don't typically do product reviews but this time I'm making an exception. I absolutely love this book! Sure I'm sarcastic, sassy and have a sense of humor, and if you are too you'll love it as well. Some pages are simple, some more detailed so it’s great for someone trying to just get a start in this hectic new wave of adult coloring. In the long run it makes me smile, and isn't that worth every penny?" - Anonymous "I just received this 15 minutes ago. This is just what the doctor ordered. Clearly it's not for those offended by foul language, but that should be obvious by title. I don't write that many reviews and certainly not within minutes of receiving the article. This little treasure of a coloring book was definitely worth the effort. While I enjoy my beautiful garden, faces, animals, mandalas and steampunk coloring books, Sasha O’Hara knocked it outta the park with this little diddy. I'm glad I didn't look at the pictures in the reviews. It was sooo much better being surprised by each turn of the page and literally laughing my a** off at such lovely drawings as the titles described my true feelings. There's a few I plan on coloring, framing and presenting to a few friends. Highly recommended to those not offended by uncensored foul language. - Moodswings

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