Christian Reading Companion for 50 Classics

  • ISBN-13: 9780890517147
  • $21.27

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A special Christian-based companion study of 50 literary classics! They present characters that grip your attention and pull at your heart. They are definitive works that touch on a myriad of social and cultural perspectives in varying periods of history. You may have seen the movies or one may even be a well-worn book on your shelf. These are the literary masterpieces you will see referenced and enjoyed over and over again! Whether supplementing an existing curriculum, doing a special survey course on classic literature, or simply reading for greater enjoyment, this challenging guide presents: Short descriptions of each title and brief author biographies Objective and discussion questions to develop understanding Quotes that give insight into character, plot, and more! Read in combination with classic works appropriate for middle or high school students, your literary experiences are enhanced with a glossary of literary terms and vocabulary exercises. The detailed answer keys even help you turn a love of reading into an educational course that will encourage an appreciation of the written word and prompt a deeper interaction with books that are foundational for college-prep activities!

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