Creation: Thirteen 6-in-1 Comprehensive Curriculum Lessons

  • ISBN-13: 9780890515662
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Young learners discover Creation with 13 integrated, fun-filled lessons! Each 10-page set of assignments include math, English, science, art, spelling, and physical activities. Explains scientific concepts like precipitation, evaporation, types of rocks, clouds, light, and more. Explores each Creation day with helpful lists, questions, games, and art projects to aid comprehension and learning skills. Encourages character development with 12 special lessons, including traits like faith, trustworthiness, thankfulness, and diligence. Designed for first to fourth graders, bonus activities are also included for older and younger students so families can learn together. Website links enhance and expand the scope of each Creation day lesson, while key Bible verses link creation-themed concepts to the imaginative and fun activities.From light to the day of rest, this curriculum lesson book is adaptable to a variety of Christian education settings from homeschool to Sunday schools. Written by a homeschooling mom with 25 years of experience, Creation is an exceptional supplement to your learning program.

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