Creole Thrift: Premium Southern Living Without Spending a Mint

  • ISBN-13: 9780060788063
  • $12.04

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New Orleans designer Angèle Parlange shows readers how to transform their homes and lives in true "Creole style"–creating modern beauty out of personal heritage without breaking the bank. Southern tradition blends with modern whimsy in this first offering from famed New Orleans designer Angèle Parlange–and the result is this extraordinary home decor book. Known for her fresh designs and unexpected blends of the opulent and the offbeat, Parlange brings her particular brand of "Creole thift"–the art of making beautiful, quality decorations out of heritage pieces without spending a mint–straight to the budget–concious reader. From a fabric pattern inspired by vintage 1830s calling cards to shower curtains originating in a seventy–year–old college football program, Parlange's designs are eclectic, riveting, and utterly gorgeous. An integral part of her design philosophy is that everyone has personal mementos that can be transformed into beautiful "cocktail dresses for the home," whether it's a string of Grandma's antique glass beads or the faded material from an awful (but sentimentally valuable!) high school prom dress. With "trash and treasures" from her own home, Parlange demonstrates how each object can be used to create something that is both uniquely personal and richly lavish. Filled with wry anecdotes, recipes, illustrations, before–and–after photos, and step–by–step instructions, Parlangerie will inspire readers to unleash their imaginations, unpack those dusty attic boxes, and transform old keepsakes into signature items that add spice and life to the home.

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