Fishing Texas: An Angler’s Guide (Angler's Guides)

  • ISBN-13: 9780940672444
  • $77.39

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Even experienced fishermen sometimes have a hard time telling a redear sunfish from a longear sunfish, or a southern flounder from a Gulf flounder. Now you can be certain of the difference with this indispensable guide to the sport fish of Texas. Designed to fit into tackle box or boat, the book includes: Beautiful color illustrations of the 36 freshwater and 84 saltwater fish species most often encountered in Texas waters; Useful details about Texas fish, such as spawning habits, preferred habitats and foods, explaining where to find them and at what time of year; Hundreds of valuable tips gleaned from years of experience by expert fishermen; A handy guide to angling basics, including equipment, bait, influences that affect fish, and more; A wrap-up of state sport fishing regulations; State and world records for all species, plus information on how you can get your prize catch in the record books.  

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