Georgia's Confederate Monuments and Cemeteries (GA) (Images of America)

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Confederate monuments and markers in cemeteries across Georgia are inscribed with a variety of dedications. Many offer a simple sentiment, such as “Our Confederate Dead, 1861–1865” or “Lest We Forget”; some present a more political statement―“They Fought Not For Conquest, But For Liberty And Their Own Homes”; some have long soliloquies of prose or poetry; and others feature lists of names of individuals or units that served. Georgia’s Confederate Monuments and Cemeteries features vintage images of soldiers, sailors, and the many different types of monuments erected throughout the state to honor them. These monuments of stone, marble, granite, and bronze recognize the sacrifice of those who served Georgia in the War Between the States. Various memorial associations and organizations, survivors, and descendants of these men and women built lasting tributes to them, and each has a story to tell.

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