Golf Annika's Way: How I Elevated My Game to Be the Best-- and How You Can Too

  • ISBN-13: 9781592400768
  • Author: Annika Sorenstam
  • Publisher: Gotham
  • Publication date: 2004-10-07
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 288
  • $11.95
  • Save $18

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Annika Sorenstam is the world’s greatest woman golfer—a dominant force in the game who has already captured a career Grand Slam and become the all-time LPGA money leader. Her rigorous mental and physical dedication has changed the face of her sport, and her fierce determination and unparalleled preparation have won her tournaments and fans the world over. In 2003, she made international headlines by becoming the first woman in more than fifty years to play against men in a professional event, bringing her trademark game and competitiveness to a whole new level. Now for the first time Annika takes you inside her extraordinary success and shows every golfer how to play and win like a pro. She breaks down the fundamentals of her game and shares her winning course strategies in one complete, easy-to-follow instruction book. Golf Annika’s Way features: • All you need to know about how to use every club in the bag, from fairway woods to short irons to the putter • The secrets of the power behind her potent swing, from the essentials of grip and posture to her unconventional form on the follow-through • Hundreds of full-color photos, including high-speed shots that capture the elements of Annika’s powerful swing frame-by-frame in a foldout spread • An insider look at the unique weight training and dietary regimen Annika has developed for building a stronger physique—and a longer drive Filled with insights and stories from throughout her colorful career, Golf Annika’s Way gives you priceless advice from a champion’s perspective. It’s a must-have for Annika’s millions of fans—and men and women golfers of all ages and skill levels who want to lower their scores on the course and bring their game to the next level.

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