Grant Seeking in an Electronic Age (Part of the Allyn & Bacon Series in Technical Communication)

  • ISBN-13: 9780321160072
  • $1,146.87

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This guide teaches students and professionals a systematic process for researching, designing, writing, and submitting successful grant-seeking proposals.   Focusing on proposals submitted for government, foundation, and corporation funding, Grant Seeking in an Electronic Age leads the reader through a six-step grant-seeking process, from researching potential funders, to designing, writing and submitting a proposal that follows the funder's guidelines. Grounded in theory, but rooted in successful practice, it teaches students what really works–a third of students who submit proposals based on this text's approach get funded within a year. The text's guided discovery process provides a useful framework for novice writers while its thinking-planning exercises offer useful ways of organizing information and discovering what still need to be researched.

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