HarperCollins Atlas of Bible History

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From the earliest evidence of humankind in Palestine to the rise of the Christian Church, the HarperCollins Atlas of Bible History places the whole of biblical history in its geographical and historical context. Detailed biblical references, timelines, and sources for further reading accompany each subject and the New Testament section gives a fresh account of the life and influence of Jesus and his disciples. The HarperCollins Atlas of Bible History was edited by the late Professor James Pritchard, one of the world's most distinguished archaeologists and historians of religion, and updated by a team of biblical scholars. With over 200 full-color maps, timelines, and expert explanation, this is a superlative reference work against which the Bible and its stories can now be fully appreciated and understood. Contents include: * The Patriarchs of the Old Testament - from pagan farmers and hunters, through Noah's descendents, to Abraham's migrations. * The Emergence of Israel - From slavery in Egypt and the route of the Exodus. * The kingdoms of Saul and David - Settling the Promise Land. * The age of Solomon and the Dividing of a Kingdom - Days of peace and war. * The Persian period and the Hellenistic era - The fall of Jerusalem and the influence of Greek culture. * The Roman world - Palestine under the Romans, the ministry of Jesus, the Jewish diaspora, and Paul's missionary travels. * The Growth of Christianity and Israel today

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