Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus (Hidden Treasure)

  • ISBN-13: 9780965332736
  • Author: Glenn Kimball
  • Publisher: BF Publishing
  • Publication date: 1997-08-01
  • Edition: Volume I
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 96
  • $12.05

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Glenn Kimball's Hidden Stories Of The Childhood Of Jesus is the first narrative written in a book format that details the pre-adult life of Jesus in a series of stories based on twenty-five years of research from ancient documents discovered in middle eastern caves and abandoned church archives. Many of the unanswered questions that people ask today concerning the early life of Jesus and the Holy family are answered with this slender (96 pages) and informative book. The childhood of Jesus as been of intense interest to Christian communities and scholars for two thousand years. While the canonical gospels make scant mention of the childhood of Jesus, the apocryphal stories of the child Jesus are more plentiful (and some would say, fanciful). Hidden Stories Of The Childhood Of Jesus is informative, challenging, provocative, controversial and engaging reading. The acceptance Kimball's interpretations of these stories is the province of the individual reader, but there is no denying the scholarship and the data. Hidden Stories Of The Childhood Of Jesus is fascinating and informative reading. -- Midwest Book Review

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