How To Be an All-Star Residency Match Applicant: From the First Year of Medical School to Match Day. A MedEdits Guide.

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The competition to get a residency is fierce. In 2013, more than 34,000 residency applicants competed for only 26,392 positions. What can you do to make yourself a more competitive applicant? How To Be an All-Star Residency Match Applicant is a concise and straightforward guide which is perfect for the busy medical student and residency applicant. This book, chock-full of useful tips you can start using during your first year of medical school, aims to demystify the residency admissions process. In this book, you will find easy to follow answers to all of your questions: What should you do to distinguish yourself as a residency applicant How important are extracurricular activities? Which specialties are most competitive? How important are audition electives? Who should write your letters of reference? How do you approach the personal statement and application? How do you show interest in programs? And more.... Written by a former residency admissions officer who has helped hundreds of residency applicants, from a variety of backgrounds, match in to competitive residency programs and specialties, this guide will become an invaluable and go-to resource as you navigate the residency admissions process. Good luck!

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