International Economics

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Developed in the classroom by two of the most prominent researchers in the field, Feenstra and Taylor’s International Economics is a modern textbook for a modern audience. Most international economics textbooks emphasize theory and the economies of advanced countries. Feenstra and Taylor’s text anchors theoretical coverage to empirical evidence throughout, while reflecting the realities of the global economy by covering emerging markets and developing countries (India, China, Southeast Asia). The new edition has been thoroughly updated, including the latest on the Eurozone crisis.  In addition, it will be available in it’s own dedicated version of LaunchPad, Worth Publishers’ breakthrough new online course space. Available in Different VersionsFeenstra and Taylor’s International Economics, Third Edition is available in a variety of versions, to fit the ways the course is most often taught.  • A full version for the two-semester sequence covering international trade and macroeconomics• Split volumes for one-semester courses focusing on either trade or macroeconomics• A brief version, Essentials of International Economics, for courses covering trade and macroeconomics in one semester. See what's in the LaunchPad

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