Interpreting Basic Statistics: A Guide and Workbook Based on Excerpts from Journal Articles

  • ISBN-13: 9781936523320
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• Students get valuable practice in interpreting statistical reporting as it actually appears in journals. In each of the 62 exercises, your students will read a brief excerpt of statistical reporting from a published research article. • Each exercise begins with guidelines for interpreting the statistics in the excerpt. • The questions on the excerpts promote learning by requiring students to · interpret information in tables and figures, · perform simple calculations to further their interpretations, · critique data-reporting techniques, and · evaluate procedures used to collect data. • Each exercise covers a limited number of statistics, making it easy for you to coordinate the exercises with lectures and a main textbook. • The questions in each exercise are divided into two parts: (1) Factual Questions and (2) Questions for Discussion. The factual questions require careful reading for details, while the discussion questions show students that interpreting statistics is more than a mathematical exercise. These questions require them to apply good judgment as well as statistical reasoning in arriving at appropriate interpretations. • Thirteen new exercises interspersed throughout show how to interpret a greater array of statistical reporting.

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