Introduction to Ethical Theories: A Procedural Approach

  • ISBN-13: 9781478606703
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In this accessible and enlightening work, Birsch introduces the main ethical theories in Western philosophy using a procedural approach that enables readers to make ethical evaluations of cases and issues. This novel treatment provides a well-rounded overview of each theoretical approach and attempts to refute the widely held opinion that there are no correct solutions to moral problems. Outstanding features: Introduces each theory with a discussion of its philosophical starting point Explains the reasoning and conclusions crucial to each theoretical approach Discusses each theory's view of moral significance and moral equality Develops an ethical procedure based on a theory's moral rules and principles Applies the ethical procedure to two relevant cases, arriving at the correct, moral solution for that particular theory Presents the strengths and weaknesses of each theory Includes review questions and additional assignments for classroom discussions or homework Provides a chapter-length discussion of the United Nations' human rights morality Title of related interest also from Waveland Press: Pierce, Morality Play: Case Studies in Ethics, Second Edition (ISBN 9781478606727).

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