Intuitive Painting Workshop: Techniques, Prompts and Inspiration for a Year of Painting

  • ISBN-13: 9781440342400
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A Year of Painting Intuitively!Stay inspired to create art throughout every season! In Intuitive Painting Workshop, you'll find a timely expressive exercise for each month, along with seasonal check-ins. In discovering how to paint intuitively, you will learn to surrender to your true visual voice as your personal process of making marks emerges. Using acrylic paint, ink, collage papers, stencils, watercolor, gel pens, paint markers and more, you'll be gently guided by twelve exercises, taking cues from the process, but carrying each in your own direction.Explore monthly exercises, each offering you a new area of growth from setting intentions, to painting wildly, to getting know your animal totems and much more.Receive suggestions for painting with a "beginner's mind" and a glossary of art terms will make following the step-by-step demonstrations clear and easy to understand.Get further ideas from a monthly gallery of contributing artists who were students of this process, just like you!Have a chance to assimilate your creative focus every few months with seasonal Check-In journaling prompts and ideas for reflection.Stay inspired month-by-month and season-to-season with Intuitive Painting Workshop!

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