Jake Jennings: Lacrosse Goalie

  • ISBN-13: 9780985925031
  • $10.32

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Like many wisecracking little brothers, Jake Jennings has lots of funny stories to tell about the struggle for survival at the bottom of the family food chain. He has been watching his two older brother live, eat, breathe, and, above all, play lacrosse ever since he can remember. Finally, after years on the sidelines (except when being used for target practice in backyard games), his time to shine has come: his first official lacrosse season begins next week. Filled with visions of being a high-scoring hero gallantly leading his team to a championship, Jake should feel life is sweet. Unfortunately, one of his brothers, a stud lax goalie, has completely different plans for him. Jake Jennings: Lacrosse Goalie is a great sports book for boys that will engage the young reader.

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