Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing, and Living Well

  • ISBN-13: 9781607746270
  • Author: ["Carly de Castro", "Hedi Gores", "Hayden Slater"]
  • Publisher: Ten Speed Press
  • Publication date: 2014-07-22
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 160
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A lushly illustrated and accessible guide to juicing and juice cleansing, featuring 75 recipes for making organic juices, milks, and other concoctions at home to provide the vital nutrients a healthy body needs to function at an optimal level.Once considered a fringe practice of raw-food zealots, juicing has gone mainstream. In this beautiful full-color health guide and cookbook--which requires only a juicer or blender to use--the founders of Los Angeles-based Pressed Juicery explain how juicing and juice cleansing can be part of a fit and healthy lifestyle. Featuring seventy-five recipes for the shop's most popular juices--including greens, roots, citrus, fruits, aloe and chlorophyll waters, and signature beverages like Chocolate Almond and Coconut Mint Chip--this inspirational handbook outlines the benefits of juicing, explains how to do a juice cleanse safely, and shares testimonials from people who have experienced personal health transformations after integrating juice into their lives.

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