Keeping the Republic: Power and Citizenship in American Politics

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The power of critical thinking and interactivitya Artfully weaving in the analytic theme of opowero and the evaluative theme of ocitizenship,o Barbour and Wright deftly draw students into thinking critically about how and why institutions and rules determine who wins and who loses in American politics. At the core of Keeping the RepublicEs engaging discussion of 'who gets what and how,' is the objective of helping students become actively engaged, critical thinkers. Each section and every feature in the book has one goal in mind: to get students to think analytically and be skeptical of received wisdom. It doesnEt matter how students get their news and information u from a popular blog or a traditional media outletA'Barbour and Wright give students the tools they need to be thoughtful, savvy consumers of political information and data. With the publication of the sixth edition, Keeping the Republic is now a full-fledged, integrated Media Edition. When students purchase a new print copy of the book they receive FREE access to an enhanced ebook. Through a series of icons, students link to multimedia assetsA'including audio, video, data, articles, reference, and CQ Researcher reportsA'right where it matters most: on the exact page where a topic is discussed. Students can immediately take a deeper dive and explore an important concept or idea while reading. Instructors will appreciate that assessment is built into the functionality of the ebook. Students take chapter quizzes and work through oCLUES to Critical Thinkingo questions with all quiz results and answers feeding an instructor gradebook to efficiently track participation and comprehension. ItEs an enhanced, enriching, and interactive learning experience. By introducing students to the seminal work in the field, showing them how to employ the themes of power and citizenship, and taking full advantage of what multimedia can add to the learning experience, this proven text builds confidence in students who want to take an active part in their communities and government--to play their part in keeping the republic.

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