Landscape Meditations: An Artist's Guide to Exploring Themes in Landscape Painting

  • ISBN-13: 9780823026029
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Landscape Meditations examines the process of capturing a sense of place through a series of views of a single landscape subject, like Van Gogh did with sunflowers or Monet did with haystacks and cathedrals. Topics explored include using mist, wildflowers, the beach, fields, trees, and roads and pathways. Each of these topics begins with a brief introduction to the specific theme, followed by paintings that show the progression of the idea being explored. A concluding discussion provides artists with further thoughts about how the theme might apply to their work.• For landscape painters at all levels of ability and in all painting mediums• From the author of The Poetic Landscape (0-8230-4067-4), which has sold more than 16,000 copies, and The Pastelist's Year (0-8230-3935-8), which has sold 10,000 copies• Includes the work of such landscape masters as Camille Corot, Martin Johnson Heade, and George Juness

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