Letting Go of Anger: How to Get Your Emotions Under Control

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For years musician and author Annie Chapman (Entertaining Angels, 10 Things I Want My Husband to Know) walked a tightrope. Outwardly calm, she felt anger seething behind her smile, waiting to erupt at the slightest provocation. But today peace permeates her life! What happened? With an compassionate heart, Annie offers others struggling with anger the insights she gained and the solution she found.Acknowledging anger’s power, Annie encourages perseverance: “For some, dealing with anger is simple and pain is resolved quickly. For others, healing requires intensive care by the Great Physician and hard work on our part.” Letting Go of Anger helps readers…know what anger isidentify its causesdefine their angerrecognize warning signsdraw on God’s Word for wisdomWith Jesus’ help, readers will discover how to let love heal their wounds, learn to forgive, and move forward in freedom.

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