Lifespan Development (6th Edition)

  • ISBN-13: 9780205037520
  • $586.67

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Boyd/Bee, Lifespan Development provides the most support for student learning and student success.    For undergraduate courses in Human Development / Lifespan Development.   Provides strong applications, and integrated learning objectives and assessment. Students who want to know "What does current research say?" and "Why is this important?" will appreciate both the applied nature of this text and the clarity and rigor of the authors' presentation of current research.  An exceptional pedagogical package that ties the textbook to online MyDevelopmentLab study tools complements the student-centered approach of the book and offers students the benefit of frequent self-assessment.    Available with MyDevelopmentLab!   MyDevelopmentLab ( includes MyVirtualChild, an interactive simulation which allows students to raise their own virtual child and see how their parenting decisions along with other factors influence the development of their virtual child.  Click here for a brief overview of MyVirtualChild:   Class Prep is included in MyDevelopmentLab for instructors. Click here for a brief overview of Class Prep:

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