Living Together: A Legal Guide for Unmarried Couples

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Living together out of wedlock can mean anything, especially in court -- unlike married couples, most unmarried couples don't automatically inherit or receive protection under the law. Consequently, you must document everything from property ownership and children to wills and other estate plans.An essential resource for any unmarried couple, Living Together explains:. the legality of living together. having and raising children. the many types of ownership agreements. relationships with a prior family. getting authorization to make medical decisions for an ill or injured partnerLiving Together includes:. a complete overview of important legal documents, including a living together contract. instructions to filling out these documents. sample forms. legal agreementsThis edition provides the latest law in readable 50-state charts. It also discusses the laws covering same-sex marriages and civil unions, which are often so broad, they affect unmarried heterosexual couples as well.This book is completely updated for 2013, with the latest laws affecting unmarried people in a wide variety of areas--family law, debt and credit, real estate, taxes, medical care, insurance, estate planning, and more.-- Download forms for book at

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