Lost Seattle

  • ISBN-13: 9781909108639
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Unearths the buried bones of an invented city that was carved out of hills and bay.Early Seattleites were neither sentimental nor nostalgic, destroying iconic schools, libraries, entire neighborhoods, and high hills.They ripped out the very muscles of industry and the veins of rails and ferries on which the city was created. 68 vignettes of cast-aside Seattle are given new light, including Japantown, the Kalakala, Joseph Mayer's clock factory, interurban railways, Yesler's mill, Capitol Hill's auto row, Denny Hill, Moran Brothers' shipyard, the Carnegie Central Library, Boeing and the SuperSonics. From the 1880s to the present day.This richly illustrated book brings these lost buildings, structures and neighborhoods back to life, to reveal the Seattle that once was.

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