Mage the Awakening (World of Darkness (White Wolf Hardcover))

  • ISBN-13: 9781588464187
  • Author: ["Kraig Blackwelder", "Bill Bridges", "Brian Campbell", "Stephen Michae DiPesa", "Samuel Inabinet", "Steve Kenson", "Malcolm Sheppard"]
  • Publisher: White Wolf Publishing
  • Publication date: 2005-08-29
  • Edition: First
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 400
  • $48.08

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The Power to Remake the World In an age long gone, mortals dethroned the gods and seized the heavens for their own. And for it, they were flung down into the world of clay, their minds clouded by ignorance. Only a bare few remember their birthright - the power of magic. If they cannot claim the heavens, they will make their own kingdoms on Earth. A Storytelling Game of Modern Sorcery * Provides everything you need to tell your own stories in the occult world of the Awakened, including details of the various orders and paths of magic, and many secrets of the World of Darkness. Requires the World of Darkness rulebook for play. *Presents the most comprehensive and freeform magic system ever achieved in gaming, allowing characters to cast nearly any spell imaginable. * Features Boston as a fully fleshed-out, ready-to-play setting. * Features artwork by the acclaimed Michael Kaluta.

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