Make Your Own Living Trust

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Save your family time, money, and headaches Unlike a will, a living trust lets your family bypass probate court―which saves everyone money, delay, and hassle. Whether you are single or part of a couple, Make Your Own Living Trust can help you make a living trust that’s valid in your state. Use this book to: create an individual or shared living trust evaluate whether you need an estate-tax-saving AB trust name beneficiaries to inherit your assets appoint someone to manage trust property inherited by children keep control over trust property while you live appoint someone to manage trust property if needed, and transfer all types of assets to your trust, including real estate, stocks, jewelry, art, or business assets. Make Your Own Living Trust includes all the forms you need to create your own trust, plus step-by-step instructions for filling them out. Completely updated and revised, this edition includes the latest tax and legal information, including updated information about the federal estate tax. The legal forms in this book are not valid in Louisiana.

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