Managing for the Environment: Understanding the Legal, Organizational, and Policy Challenges

  • ISBN-13: 9780787910044
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Named Best Book in Public and Nonprofit Management, 1999-2000 Academy of Management Named Best Book in Environmental Management, 1999 American Society for Public Administration Leaking landfills, oil contamination, illegal waste disposal, and pervasive air pollution . . . Today's managers and policy makers face a multitude of environmental challenges, choices, and opportunities. Some work in the public or private sectors. Some are regulators or regulated. Whether they are environmental specialists or not, managers must understand scientifically complex environmental mandates and shifting ambiguities in order to address them proactively. They must not only cultivate organizational awareness of environmental values, but also remain committed to engaging in these values. The authors of Managing for the Environment draw from their extensive managing, consulting, and research experiences to give managers, elected officials, students, and concerned citizens the tools they need to address environmental issues effectively. Authoritative, insightful, and the first of its kind to take a strategic management view, this book: * Describes current issues and trends in environmental affairs, including sustainable development, risk-based priority setting, managing for results, market incentives, and environmental justice * Explains what readers should know about environmental laws and their implementation * Shows how managers can incorporate environmental management concepts into their organizations' thinking by linking strategies, structures, and informational systems * Offers strategies for overcoming the political, economic, and organizational obstacles to doing so * Provides methods for understanding, defining, and communicating environmental risks and responses to employees, the media, and communities * Presents constructive conflict resolution strategies for handling difficult environmental disputes

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