Martha's Vineyard: An Affectionate Memoir

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The legendary island of Martha's Vineyard is revealed as never before through inspiring paintings by Ray Ellis and a captivating history by Ralph Graves. Martha's Vineyard is a celebrated vacation haven equally captivating summer residents and daytrippers. Among the Island's ardent admirers was Ray Ellis, whose paintings created over a 25–year period depict his love of the Vineyard, and Ralph Graves, whose lively, affectionate history spans 400 years. Offering great natural beauty, the Vineyard, separated from Cape Cod by a seven–mile stretch of ocean, is a perfect place for a summer vacation. The Islands devotees have included public people who value their privacy, Jacqueline Onassis, Princess Diana and President Clinton, to name a few, as well as ordinary folks who are seeking a special holiday. Featuring 100 of Ray Ellis' luminescent oils and watercolors, this book provides a unique appreciation of the Islands delights. Here is a wide range of scenes from quiet landscapes to such beloved annual events as the county fair. In addition to vignettes of sunny months Ray Ellis salutes the Vineyard at other times of the year—the glorious arrival of fall, the sedate pace of winter and the inaugural of springtime. Rounding out this marvelous pictorial album is a fascinating text by Ralph Graves. He has written a concise history from its discovery in 1602 to its present–day active conservation efforts. The memoir also includes interviews with five long–time residents who provide insightful, firsthand accounts of their special connection to the Island. This book is an ideal gift for anyone who has ever felt the lure of the Vineyard as well as for those who have yet to fall in love with this extraordinary Island.

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