Mental Health Concepts and Techniques for the Occupational Therapy Assistant (Point (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins))

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Mental Health Concepts and Techniques for the Occupational Therapy Assistant, Fourth Edition offers a solid foundation in occupational therapy processes to identify and address the needs of persons with mental health problems. This updated edition reflects important new developments in basic neuroscience, psychopharmacology, occupational therapy theory, and evaluation and treatment methods, and remains the only text of its kind written specifically for the occupational therapy assistant. The reader-friendly format is designed for the two-year college student. New content in this expanded text fulfills criteria set out in the American Occupational Therapy Association's Standards for an Accredited Educational Program for the Occupational Therapy Assistant. Special Fourth Edition Features: New Chapter is dedicated to the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework. Enhanced Art Program provides more content for visual learners. Chapter Objectives help the reader focus on learning goals. Chapter Review Questions test comprehension, enabling the reader to advance in the text. Point-of-View boxes offer differing perspectives on key topics. Case Examples provide the bridge from theory to practice. Concepts Summary and Vocabulary Review boxes reinforce the chapter content. Additional features include ample tables and boxes, which highlight key information, examples of group protocols and documentation, and a list of common acronyms. In short, this one text provides the information needed by occupational therapy assistants working with clients with mental health problems in a variety of clinical or community settings.

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