Mental Rules for Golf Revised Edition : 65 Innovative Strategies for Unleashing your Golf Potential

  • ISBN-13: 9780832950292
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MentalRules for Golf unlocks many of the secrets of golf's mental side by showing how the likes of Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, and Jack Nicklaus have built their success on great thinking as much as on great swings. Among the book's 65 mental strategies are the Einstein Factor, Finding the Zone, Are You a Hogan or a Trevino?, Fail Forward, Annika's 54 Vision, and Wear the Red Shirt.Although numerous books have been written about unlocking the mental secrets to the game, many pieces to the golf puzzle are still missing. With its 65 concise and easily applied strategies, MentalRules for Golf helps fi ll that gap by illustrating how the game's greats past and present use their minds to play their best golf.MentalRules for Golf is the consummate golf psychology book. It will boost your confidence, relieve your pre-shot anxieties, and fine-tune your concentration levels. Every strategy can be used as a daily refresher course for improving your attitude and mental approach, ultimately lowering your scores while making the game more enjoyable.

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