Miniature Painting: A Complete Guide to Techniques, Mediums, and Surfaces

  • ISBN-13: 9781626542617
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Finally back in print for the 21st Century, this edition of Joan Cornish Willies' Miniature Painting is the definitive guide to the techniques, materials, and mediums used in the elegant and ancient art of miniature painting. An internationally regarded master of miniature art, Joan Willies is qualified like no other to instruct you in this sophisticated and nuanced art form Covering all aspects of the miniature painting process, Miniature Painting is well suited for both beginners striving to master the fundamentals and experienced painters who would like to refine and elevate their technique. Naturally, there are innumerable challenges involved in painting a beautifully-detailed image in a tiny format, but Joan will guide you through each step with supportive, clear, and insightful instructions. Boasting step-by-step demonstrations, the author explains how to attain the luminous quality that miniature art demands by applying thin layers of watercolor, acrylic, or oil to the painting surface. She also covers the use of "interference" colors, gold leaf, and silverpoint for decorative effects and added depth. With an updated guide to suppliers and miniature art societies, this new edition will guide you through brush selection and handling, surface selection and treatment, basic miniature painting lessons, and advanced lessons in a variety of genres. Perfect for any artist looking to improve their detail work, Miniature Painting is sure to help you hone your skills, broaden your range, and elevate your work no matter its size.

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