Painting Animals That Touch the Heart

  • ISBN-13: 9781581801316
  • $125.17

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Painting Animals that Touch the Heart, by popular wildlife artist Lesley harrison, will help artists portray the emotion and "feelings" of certain popular animals, as well as the wonderful textures of luxuriously soft fur and glistening eyes. Each of the six chapters in this book gives readers an intimate look at layering techniques, individual pastel strokes, blending techniques and composition tips, all of which help in achieving incredible lifelike textures and a strong, emotional effect. 20 step-by-step demonstrations will help readers render eyes, fur, tails, paws, beaks and body positions of big cats, wolves, horses, dogs and house cats, and other baby animals. There is also a gallery of inspirational pieces readers can use to paint their own animals that will touch anyone's heart.

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