Painting for the Soul: Soothe your soul, expand your imagination, and paint your way to colorful, creative expression

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Melt away stress and tap into your creative side.Melt away stress with the colorful, soul-soothing selection of projects in Painting for the Soul. Designed especially for those seeking a creative outlet that requires minimal tools and time, Painting for the Soul encourages personal expression through inspirational painting projects, inviting artists to embark on a therapeutic journey by tapping into their creative side. Using acrylic painting, this book takes artists through a series of prompts, exercises, and projects, inviting them to explore new depths of creative freedom and expression through pretty patterns and designs, flowers, uplifting phrases, and scenes. A basic introduction to tools and materials leads into a variety of step-by-step projects and painting techniques designed to make acrylic painting fun and relaxing.

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