Peck's Beach: A Pictorial History of Ocean City, New Jersey

  • ISBN-13: 9780945582045
  • $28.89

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The classic book about Ocean City's founding and history is now available as a newly re-designed hardcover, with all the fascinating photos and text of the popular original. The roots of this unique seaside community are explored in stories and historical photographs in 21 chapters. Author Tim Cain examines Ocean City's past -- the religious founding of the town; the Boardwalk, and the Music Pier; the resort's glamorous royal family -- Princess Grace and the Kellys; the lifeguarding tradition; shipwrecks, coastal storms, and the Sindia; Ocean City's famous moments, firsts, and facts, and much more.First published in 1988, this new, 2016 edition features an attractive, inviting format and affordable price.Chapters: American Indians: The First Summer Visitors Early European Settlers Parker Miller: The Original Year-round Resident An Irish Recluse and a Providential Survey The Reverends Lake and the Town's Genesis The Tabernacle Those Ocean City Blues Getting the Drop on Demon Rum Flirty Flappers and Beach Tarzans Lifeguards The Kelly Clan Generations of the Ocean City Boards A Pier without Peer Sparring with Poseidon The Elephants' Graveyard The Sindia: Our Sunken Treasure Too Close for Comfort Simon Lake Submarine Pioneer Religion and Real Estate Shuttling to the Shore Ocean City: In and Out of the National Spotlight

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