Regional Indian Cooking: Simple and Healthy Ayurvedic Recipes [Indian Cookbook, Over 100 Recipes]

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Take a tour of India in your own kitchen with this simple and easy-to-follow Indian cookbook!Regional Indian Cooking celebrates the cooking styles and regional specialties of the five main regions in India—North, South, East, West and Central—each with its own distinctive geography, lifestyle and culture. In keeping with the Indian philosophy of balance and the ancient principles of Ayurveda, author Ajoy Joshi makes it easy for cooks of all abilities to prepare unusual and delicious Indian dishes using only the freshest ingredients and spices that promote health and well-being. Each of the 120 recipes is presented in simple steps with helpful suggestions for delicious meat or vegetarian menus serving up to eight. Authentic Indian recipes include: Spiced Spinach (North) Chicken Biriyani (South) Shrimp Balchao (West) Homestyle Meat Broth (Central) Mango and Pistachio Ice Cream (East) Each region's cuisine has highlights to offer the home cook, from mouthwatering marinated kebabs of the north to the hot and spicy curries of the South. Emphasis on different ingredients distinguishes the East, with its use of mustard oil and curry leaves, from the abundant seafood and coconut-rich dishes of the West. The journey ends with the subtle melting pot of Central cuisine, which blends the best of the surrounding regions with centuries of global influence, and comes closest to defining Indian food around the world.

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