Reuben, New Edition: Ellie's People, Book Four

  • ISBN-13: 9780836135930
  • $10.58

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Amish teenager Reuben Weaver wants to do the right thing; it's just that when he and his friends are together, the temptation to follow their mischievous schemes and try to prove himself can be strong. Reuben, the great-great-grandson of Ellie Maust, whom readers came to love in book 1 of Ellie's People, treasures his Amish way of life and tries to use good sense, but he tests his parents patience with fights in the schoolyard and dares involving stilts and barbed wire. When Reuben gets his dream horse, Princess, he is the envy of all his friends. When Reuben agrees to a dare to prove how fast his horse can run, tragedy erupts. Pride may go before a fall, but can any good happen when you pick yourself up?

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