Roomscapes: The Decorative Architecture of Renzo Mongiardino

  • ISBN-13: 9788897737766
  • $91.05

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The glorious, deft hand of design maestro and magician Renzo Mongiardino sparkles in this new edition of the 1993 classic Roomscapes, now bought by collectors for hundreds of dollars. From elegant palazzo residences to magnificent city apartments, this edition is a surpassing revisit of Mongiardino's work as told by the architect himself, and will be much coveted by devotees and new admirers alike.Features include:115 new images and 175 images from the earlier volume completely digitally re-masteredA total of 290 images as compared to 225 in the 1993 editionA completely new layoutAll new and expanded captionsA new section of 14 sketches, printed on special paperAn index for both houses and namesEdited by Francesca Simone, Mongiardino's nieceA preface by the renowned art historian, Giovanni AgostiThis beautiful testament to Mongiardino's imaginative creations, showcases the magnificent rooms he re-shaped and decorated in ancient Italian and Parisian palaces, English houses, and New York apartments with important text that analyzes space, function, decoration and lighting of rooms. It is meant as a guide to conceive spaces that are inhabited through time and by time. Sketches, drawings, and models by Mongiardino, next to the images of the finished rooms, make the creative process clear and showcase his extraordinary ability and taste. Contents Include: Preface by Giovanni Agosti and Introduction Part one: The genesis of a room; Sketches; Chapter one: Space, measure, and models; Chapter two: The function of a room and its appearance; Chapter three: Decoration: ways to invent it, transform it, correct it; Chapter four: Decoration and the appeal of the exoticPart two: Illusion: the eye deceived; Chapter five: Materials and the simulation of materials; Chapter six: The birth and development of perspective; ConclusionAppendix: 16 unpublished sketches by Renzo Mongiardino

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