Shojo Fashion Manga Art School, Year 2: Draw modern looks

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Draw Modern Looks!Expansion on the "Drawing Clothes" and "Cool Looks" chapters of Shojo Fashion Manga Art School, this title shows beginning and intermediate artists how to dress and accessorize their shojo characters in stylish clothes and accessories to fit any occasion.Readers find modern looks and fashions for all the classic shojo graphic novel themes such as:high school romancescomplex dramasstories about friendship and sweet comediesStarting with basics like materials (primarily pencil and ink), color, movement, lines and shading, the book covers casual styles, school clothes, work attire, glamorous fancy dress and seasonal/situational looks. Loaded with techniques and tips from an exciting young artist and writer with a fresh style, this book includes great step-by-step instruction from initial lines to black-and white inked illustration to finished art in color.

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