Splash 18: Value - Celebrating Light and Dark (Splash: The Best of Watercolor)

  • ISBN-13: 9781440347047
  • $891.25

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Let there be light! (And darks!) Valuable lessons from 130 modern-day watercolor masters. There is no more fundamental duality than that of light and dark. For the artist, no element is more effective at conveying a sense of space or directing the viewer's eye. A strong value composition is key to bringing drama to city scenes and capturing nature's gloriously fleeting lighting effects. The dynamic interplay between intense shadows and sparkling highlights can elevate otherwise ordinary subjects and imbue portraits with soul.Splash 18 explores how acclaimed watercolor artists use value to give their paintings meaning, energy and life. The result is another bold collection of expressive art, rich with insight from the artists themselves on how they strive for and achieve expression. See what happens when artists paint what they love, and love what they paint.130 paintings reproduced in brilliant, juicy colorContemporary artists share how strategic value placement gives power and punch to their workA breathtaking range of styles and subjects--from skyscrapers and still lifes to figures, faces and cherished pets"If the composition of the lightest and darkest values alone is interesting, you are more than halfway there before you even start to paint." --Mark McDermott, p20 "Life is full of ups and downs, like a symphony of light and dark." --Lim Bee Tat, p33 "The true subject is not an orchid, but the celebration of light and shadow." --Jaimie Cordero, p119 "Strong values leave strong impressions." --Keiko Yasuoka, p128 "The purity of light showcases the mystery of darks." --Linda Daly Baker, p135

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