Stories & Scenes From Mount Lebanon

  • ISBN-13: 9780863565700
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Originally published in Arabic less than a year after the outbreak of the Lebanese civil war in 1975, this is the first English translation of Mahmoud Khalil Saab's Stories and Scenes from Mount Lebanon. Saab's meticulously narrated stories and accounts of people and events in the "small beautiful country," as he liked to describe his native land, convey the character of life in Lebanon as only someone who experienced it can do. Saab traveled around the country by car to interview people who had lived events or heard of them from their elders. Reading his work, it is clear that his central purpose was to preserve for posterity the narratives he had witnessed and heard during his lifetime, feeling that if they went unrecorded they might be lost forever and with them the values they relate. Anyone with an interest in the values, customs, and heritage of the people of Lebanon, and particularly the Druze, will want to read this book.

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